Welcome to Coastal Practice Consultants!

Have you always dreamed of building your own practice but have trouble finding the time to get it up and running?

Are you already running a practice but feel overwhelmed by all the paperwork, HIPAA compliance, claims, other “business” tasks?

Perhaps your practice is running smoothly but you want to expand by adding other clinicians or services?

Here at Coastal Practice Consultants, we are focused on helping clinicians start, scale, or streamline their practices. We spent 20 years developing our practices from the ground up with little to no budget, support, or business background.

We have learned a lot in these 20 years through:

  • Taking risks

  • Exploring new ideas

  • Connecting with specialists

  • Following trends in the industry

  • TONS of reading and then even more reading…

  • LOTS of research

And probably the most valuable learning experience came from…

  • Making plenty of mistakes

Our MISSION at Coastal Practice Consultants is to teach clinicians the tips, tools, and strategies to build or expand their dream practices.